“In less than two years, PBP was able to implement their fundraising process and increase our bottom line by 200%”
— Lynn Judell , BVLP, Board Member

With over a decade of fundraising for non-profit organizations and event management experience, PBP has built a reputation of excellence in creating high impact events. We are a leader when it comes to fundraising for non profits. 

Fundraising events are an excellent way for non-profit organizations to:

  • Raise funds to further support the mission of the non-profit organization
  • Engage local constituents with the nonprofit organization 
  • Honor someone with a close connection to the cause 
  • Increase awareness of the nonprofit organization and cause throughout the community 

Choosing the right honoree(s) is a crucial part of pulling off a fundraising event. Honorees are expected to bring in a large percentage of the events revenue, whether it is through securing sponsorships, reaching out to their network for donations, and/or selling event tickets. This is a large commitment, so it is important to identify and secure the right person from the beginning, and that they know what is expected of them. Your event committee, past honorees, the nonprofit organizations advisory board, etc. are good resources to tap into when trying to brainstorm potential honorees.

Working with a non-profit fundraising and event management company like Powered by Professionals will allow you to continue with the programming, development, and regular activities that your non-profit organization carries out, while leaving the fundraising, event logistics, data management, and other fine details to us. 

Our unique, hands-on approach has helped more than 35 non-profit organizations exceed their fundraising goals.