Case study: Runway of Dreams Foundation

2017 Runway of Dreams Spring Gala

Oligo Nation brings the Oligodendroglioma community together to mobilize funding medical research for new, more effective treatments. Oligo Nation reached out to PBP to increase annual fundraising, expand their donor base and social media presence, recruit new volunteers and create a Board of Directors. Their annual Spring Inspiration Event celebrates leaders in the brain cancer research space and those batting brain cancer.


Amount Raised with PBP in 2016


Amount Raised with PBP in 2017

In late 2015, PBP was honored when they were asked to partner with runway of dreams creator, Mindy Scheier. With Scheier’s phenomenal vision and PBP’s guidance and execution, PBP helped Runway of Dreams cultivate a Board of Directors and creating the first annual gala and fashion show in 2016. PBP worked to secure ongoing corporate sponsors while managing event chairs, award recipients, honorees and runway production. After the first event, Runway of Dreams raised a staggering $600,000 with assistance from PBP. One year later at the Spring 2017 Gala, Runway of Dreams reached $1.1 million in funds.