We hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy during these times. Unfortunately, because of COVID, Powered by Professionals had to postpone all our upcoming events. However, we are using this as an opportunity to momentarily shift our efforts and see where we can help during these times.

We have put together a volunteer initiative to connect individuals with one another during this time of forced isolation. Volunteers can sign up to send a caring card, become a pen pal with someone who might be alone during these times, and/or send cards to medical professionals thanking them for their hard work.

You can also sign up yourself or someone you know to receive a card or letter! If you know someone who is alone at this time and would appreciate a caring card, please let us know! If you know a medical professional who deserves a thank you, please let us know! If you know someone who would like to receive a pen pal letter, please let us know! We are flexible in finding the best way to make this initiative work for everyone.


To sign up to write a card or letter, or to nominate someone to receive a card, visit:

Please feel free to share this volunteer site on your social media and encourage your family and friends to get involved!

If you have any further questions, please contact Christina Grzybowski at