Event Management and Planning Services for Charities and Non-Profits

No matter the type of benefit or fundraising your non-profit or charity organization wants to host, its success depends on flawless event management and planning.

From small events with 25 guests to large-scale productions with thousands of attendees, Powered by Professionals knows what it takes to produce memorable events that maximize your fundraising and awareness goals.


Let’s Start Producing Your Event!

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been providing unparalleled event management and planning for more than 300 events that have raised an excess of $110 million.


As one of the nation’s premier charity and fundraising event management companies, we have the proven experience to plan, manage and produce virtually any type of event anywhere in the United States, including:


  • Benefit Concerts 
  • Charity Walks and Runs
  • Fundraising Conferences 
  • Fundraising Dinners 
  • Fundraising Galas 
  • Fundraising Meetings 

Don’t Let Event Planning Catch You Off-Guard

A key to successful charity and fundraising event planning is knowing what to plan for.


Only experience can give the insight to anticipate the myriad of surprises and obstacles that can stunt the most well-intentioned event plan.


Powered by Professionals has the experience to identify all crucial aspects of planning an event and to streamline them into the planning process.


Our experts will help you craft a sound plan that prepares for:


  • Finding Event Venues 
  • Audio/Visual Management
  • Coordination of all Production-Related Rehearsals
  • Décor and Furnishings
  • Entertainment Selection and Booking
  • Staging and Production
  • Venue and Vendor Liaison

The Best Event Management Should Seem Effortless

Make no mistake, it takes a tremendous amount of work to turn a plan into a truly outstanding charity or fundraising event.


Powered by Professionals’ ultra-reliable event management services ensure your guests will only remember how much they enjoyed attending your charity or non-profit event.

Our dedicated professionals are among the very finest at ensuring ultra-smooth execution of:


  • Administration and Strategic Planning
  • Event Venue Site Management 
  • Keynote Speaker Selection
  • Vendor Sourcing, Contracting and Evaluation
  • Sponsorship Acquisition
  • Printing and Mailing
  • Registration Management and Logistics
  • Event Evaluation