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Fundraising and Strategic Planning

There are numerous fundraising service companies in New York City alone and countless more across the country. Powered by Professionals has the proven experience to integrate fundraising with other essential services for non-profits and charities.

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In-Person Event Management and Production

Only experience can give the insight to anticipate the myriad of surprises and obstacles that can stunt the most well-intentioned event plan. Powered by Professionals has the experience to identify all crucial aspects of planning an event and to streamline them into the planning process.

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Hybrid and Virtual Event Planning Services

No matter what is happening in the world, we know that that the communities your organization serves still need help, and for some, more than ever. That is why Powered by Professionals is here to guide you through your hybrid and virtual event planning and management.

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Non-Profit Organization and Creation

People all over the world are inspired to create a charity that will help those in need and change the world for the better. But no matter how noble the cause, starting a non-profit is no easy tasks. Let us guide you through the process and set you up for success so you can best serve your community.

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Administration and Technology Management

Available for all phases of your fundraising and event planning and management—before, during and after— you can enjoy greater rewards for your efforts with Powered by Professionals’ comprehensive administration, strategic planning and financial management services.

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Digital Marketing Management

If someone hasn't heard of your organization, they won't be able to donate no matter how noble your cause. From running your social media campaigns to taking advantage of the Google Ad Grants program, Powered by Professionals is equipped to help your non-profit with any of their digital marketing needs.

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