5 Steps to a Successful Silent Auction

Silent auctions can be a critical component to raising funds the night of an event for your organization and are at nearly every fundraising event. Planners, committee members, board members, etc. spend a lot of time asking for items. Once those items are secured, here are a few tips to help you have a successful ...
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What Type of Volunteer Job is Right for You?

Many non-profits miss out on properly leveraging their volunteers. Every day, people are pouring over websites like Powered By Professionals for volunteer opportunities. Some non profit organizations will request a phone call or in-person interview so they can get to know the volunteer in advance of an event to assign them the correct role. Other ...
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Challenges in Non Profit Event Planning

There are as many challenges in non-profit event planning as there are types of events, but each can be overcome – or avoided – by identifying potential challenges in advance, and planning your strategy to overcome them. Non profit galas often focus heavily on one individual – the honoree – to bring in a large ...
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How to Motivate and Acknowledge Your Volunteers

Fundraising and non-profit events cannot be successful without a core group of committed, motivated volunteers. Volunteers can be defined as Board Members, Chairs, Honorees/Award Recipients, Committee Members, etc. They are the key drivers to increasing event attendance and funds raised for the organization. It is important to provide proper guidance and motivation to all volunteers ...
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Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Non-Profit Gala

The day has finally come, the day you’ve been planning for months – the non-profit gala! The first key to a successful gala is creating a timeline. If you’ve followed your timeline religiously from day one, there shouldn’t be any need for “tricks” to a stress-free event: you’ve done all the preparatory work, and now ...
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