Inspiring Impact: Empowering Volunteer Groups and Honorees for Event Fundraising Triumph

April 4th, 2024

There’s been a lot of buzz about optimizing events and exploring every avenue to maximize impact and revenue. The prevailing trend is to assess your resources and ensure you’re capitalizing on them fully. The initial step along this path is to produce a high-quality, mission-focused event. Following that, it’s important to understand the various groups involved and how to mobilize, motivate, and engage them effectively.

Volunteer groups, in particular, warrant significant attention as they can significantly drive revenue. Consider the diverse range of volunteers engaged in your event, including honorees, corporate sponsors, survivors, check-in and check-out teams, young professionals, supporters unable to attend the event, and those eager to contribute more but unsure of how to do so. Each one plays a pivotal role that could lead to substantial revenue gains if they are empowered and equipped with the right tools.

Facing the fear surrounding asking volunteers to take on additional roles, especially fundraising, can be unnerving, yet it is a crucial step in maximizing event revenue. Event expert Darren Port and his team at Powered by Professionals have perfected the art of enhancing total event performance. His agency prioritizes the activation of groups as a fundamental aspect of the process. As the CEO and Founder of Powered by Professionals, Darren draws from his personal journey of volunteerism and philanthropy, leveraging his experiences to coordinate events and optimize revenue generation for his clients. In this episode of Raise Nation Radio, Darren shares insights into his strategies and how he coaches clients toward fundraising triumphs.

In this episode:

    • Engage with your volunteers to foster a sense of connection and purpose
    • Walk volunteers through potential funding sources in their networks to expand your reach
    • Conduct surveys to assess volunteers’ skills, strengths, and preferences to assign roles effectively
    • Deploy technology such as personal fundraising pages to streamline and enhance fundraising efforts

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