Why Volunteer?


Regardless if we realize it or not, we have all been a volunteer at some point in our lives. Whether the action is big or small, there is immense beauty in giving a little part of ourselves to improve the life of another human being. For nonprofits, volunteers make up a network of cherished individuals who give their time to promote a cause without being paid. You can contribute to your community in a way that not only leaves an impact on the cause you’re supporting but allows you to grow as a person too. Here are a few reasons why you should volunteer:


Nonprofits are always looking for individuals with a variety of skills to help develop and support their organizations. A skill you possess could allow a nonprofit organization to thrive. Volunteering lets you both leverage your existing talents and develop new skills while making a difference for someone else. Skills such as public relations, technology, accounting, graphic design, social media, and marketing can be applied to the nonprofit sector. Donating your time and talents to enhance the life of another person allows you to learn about a systemic issue while adding a meaningful experience to your resume.


Whether you join a committee or volunteer at a fundraising event, nonprofit work lets you meet many people from different backgrounds. When volunteering for a nonprofit, you are working towards the same goals as the person next to you. Volunteering connects you with people who have similar interests and lets you build relationships while helping others.


Most communities around the country have local nonprofits that specifically try to improve conditions in their area. By doing some online searching, you’ll find a nonprofit in your community that needs assistance. By volunteering, you can help your community improve and persevere. You may not be personally affected by the cause, but your neighbor may be, and volunteering gives you the opportunity to help a neighbor in need.


Change does not necessarily happen on its own. It takes a group of people who show initiative and make positive actions to make a difference. Volunteering gives you a chance to find a solution to an important issue. By becoming a volunteer, you’ll work with a group of passionate individuals who can turn a vision into reality. It truly is rewarding to be part of the change, and people appreciate it in return.


Volunteering can help enhance you mentally, physiologically, and physically. It’s a healthy way to make you feel good about yourself and it allows you to connect with other people. Helping other people in-stills confidence, knowing that you have done a good deed for another person. Volunteering provides you with a specific role and therefore it gives you a purpose. It is a way to learn something new, how to work well with others, improve communication skills, as well as give you great conversation fodder for interviews or networking at events.

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