Hitting Fundraising Goals Start in the Planning Stage – Volunteers and Honorees

There are many reasons that nonprofits do not hit their fundraising goals for their galas, receptions, or fundraising events. In this post we'll share some tips and tricks on how to make sure this doesn't happen to you! Volunteers are an organization's greatest resource; they know your mission and are committed to the cause. However, ...
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Optimizing Fundraising Through a Corporate Honoree

OPTIMIZING FUNDRAISING THROUGH A CORPORATE HONOREE When fundraising for charities, corporate honorees can have great influence. To guarantee their full engagement (in other words, generosity!), it's important to gently establish expectations and relationship-build. Corporate honorees are busy people, and their time is limited, so you need to be clear with expectations by giving guidelines as ...
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Turning Your Passion Into Purpose: The Benefits of Having a DIY Fundraising Program

TURNING YOUR PASSION INTO PURPOSE: THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A DIY FUNDRAISING PROGRAM Fundraising comes in all shapes and forms, and one of the fastest-growing types of peer-to-peer fundraising is Do-it-yourself (DIY). Non-profit organizations are encouraging their supporters to turn their passion into purpose and empowering them to "Fundraise Your Way"! There are many benefits ...
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Look Into the Crystal Ball: Our 2022 Predictions for the Nonprofit Fundraising and Events Industry

With Covid cases rapidly declining after a peak in early January, the vaccine booster campaign well underway, and few legal restrictions impacting on our daily lives (at least in NYC), Powered by Professionals has now turned our attention to unpacking what the lasting impact of the pandemic will have on fundraising, and making some suggestions ...
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Sourcing Long-Term Supporters at Your Next Event: 4 Tips

You've worked hard to encourage many of your supporters to attend your nonprofit's fundraising  events. With the help of your digital marketing campaign, personalized phone calls, and targeted online ads, your RSVP list grew longer than you could've imagined. But true donor connection and engagement needs to extend beyond your event. So the million dollar ...
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So You’ve Been Approached to be Honored at a Gala

At Powered by Professionals, planning and executing top-tier events is only half the battle. The most important service we can deliver to our clients is meeting and exceeding their fundraising goals for charitable causes; our customized approach has helped some of the nation's leading non-profit organizations exceed their fundraising goals by raising hundreds of millions ...
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