Networking is Not for the Faint of Heart: Thoughts From an Event Coordinator

From the time that we start our professional careers, we are told that networking is key to professional growth. Although we all know this, it’s not easy for most of us to get out of our comfort zone to meet and make memorable connections with new people. For this reason, I, like most people avoid ...
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Shifting from Virtual to In-Person Event Planning: Perspective from PBP’s Internship Program

During Covid, I had the unique experience of learning how to operate when the world was shut down, before ever learning how to operate when the world was opened up. In 2020 I was in my Junior year of college. Having just changed my major to “Entertainment Management” from a previously undeclared one, I was ...
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Financial Tracking Tools to Keep Your Event on Track

Money makes the world go round, and that's absolutely the case in the world of nonprofit event planning and fundraising. Ultimately, nonprofit organizations rely on funds to help fulfill their missions, cover overhead costs, and do their part in saving the world Since money, money, money is super important, it follows that having an accurate ...
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10 Tips to Achieving Work Life Balance as an Event Planner

As a young woman who has been in the event industry for over 9 years, I can understand how many industry professionals find the term "work-life balance" to be an urban legend. Working the weekends, traveling for events, early morning calls and late-night meetings - sometimes it feels like a normal schedule is out of ...
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How to Leverage AI & Automation Tools to Elevate Your Nonprofit in 2023

If you own a nonprofit, your main goal is to bring awareness to your cause and raise as much money as possible. Whether you have a nonprofit in healthcare, education, or anything else, everything you do is for the greater good. While you plan for big events, auctions, and partnership meetings; you may find it ...
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How to Engage Your Board

When clients come to us to consult about partnering on their special event or fundraising endeavor, we take a careful look at their Board first and foremost to determine their prospective reach, and therefore fundraising potential. Questions to keep in mind: What has the Board done previously to garner fitting honorees and event leadership to ...
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