Digital Marketing Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

In the wake of COVID-19,  maintaining a strong online presence is more important than ever before.

Your website should be a tool that works around the clock to share your mission across the globe in order to attract more donors to your cause.

Here at Powered By Professionals, we've been working on taking our proven fundraising management tactics and applying them to the digital space.

In addition to offering hybrid and virtual event planning services, we're now offering strategic digital marketing solutions that will help you transform your organization's website into a fundraising machine.

Our core digital marketing solutions include:

        • Website Design & Development


        • Website Fundraising Management


        • Google Ad Grant Management


        • Search Engine Optimization


        • Social Media Marketing


        • Content & Email Marketing





Website Management


Website Design

When it comes to creating non-profit organization websites, our goal is to make sure they are:

        1. Developed using modern design elements


        1. Optimized to increase search engine traffic


        1. Built attract donors and activate volunteers





Here's an example of a recent website we designed for BrainUp, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to brain cancer:

Note that when the website visitor arrives to the web page, they are immediately greeted by three prominent messages:

            1. Event signup button


            1. Email newsletter signup


            1. Donation button






We make sure that our websites are built strategically to accomplish your organization's goals, all while building awareness to your cause.

Website Development Technology

While there are several content management systems to choose from when developing your website, we recommend using WordPress.

Some key benefits of WordPress include:

        • Ability to publish new content with ease


        • Organized user and media management


        • Optimized for search engine optimization


        • Allows flexibility with 3rd party integrations





Website Fundraising Technology

Speaking of website integrations, our recommended fundraising platform for your WordPress website is a system called GiveWP.

Our team can build and integrate this system with your website in order to:

        • Increase Donations


        • Manage Donor List


        • Gain Powerful Insights for Marketing Decisions





Some amazing key features of GiveWP include:

            1. Credit Card Processing & Payment Gateways


            1. Recurring Donation Subscriptions


            1. Custom Goals & Display Options


            1. Marketing, Analytics & CRM Integrations


            1. Powerful Donor Management


            1. Analytics & Reporting







Okay, so at this point, you have an awesome website design.

You have the best donor management technology to help grow your cause.

But now you need donors to find and visit your website…


Digital Marketing Channels for Non-Profits


Google Ad Grant Management

The Google Ad Grants program offers 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations $10,000 in free advertising every month through Google Ads, an online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution from Google.

Qualifying organizations can put this free ad budget to work for you in many ways such as:

        • Attracting more donors to your cause.


        • Recruiting more volunteers for your events.


        • Sharing your story with audiences across the globe.





Read the full guide from our partner agency: Webgrowth.

At Powered By Professionals, we can help you with everything from applying to Google Ad Grants, creating an effective donation/event landing page, setting up your Google Ads campaigns, and more.

Remember - the more frequently your ads appear on Google, the more people will be aware of your cause. This can translate to more donations, volunteers, and brand advocates - the lifeblood of every nonprofit!


Other Digital Marketing Solutions


Search Engine Optimization

In addition to paid search engine traffic. We offer search engine optimization services to attract users organically on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for key search phrases.

In short, we will identify the most beneficial search terms to target and optimize your website in order to increase your keyword rankings on search engines!


Social Media Marketing

Another amazing marketing channel outside of search engines is, of course, social media.

Our social media experts can help grow your brand's awareness across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

We do this in several ways depending on your marketing objectives.

Our social media tactics for non-profits include:

    • Social media calendars for organic posts


    • Paid advertising campaigns


    • Influencer partnerships


    • Community building



Content & Email Marketing

At the end of the day, all of our marketing strategies amount to building your donor database - not just web traffic.

We deploy strategic content marketing tactics in order to:

            1. Convert your website visitors into advocates for your cause


            1. Build and maintain long-term relationships with these advocates







Our content marketing services will help nurture these relationships by giving them a reason to revisit your brand and even share your brand story with their peers.

We do this in several ways including:

        • Copywriting services


        • Email marketing campaigns


        • Brand newsletters


        • Publication placements


        • Blogging strategy





For more information about our digital marketing solutions for non-profit organizations, contact our office at any time at or 646-278-6735.


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