Fundraising Ideas for College Campuses

Fundraisers are taking place all over college campuses nationwide. Today, college students are forging new pathways in the fundraising field as they initiate philanthropic events and raise awareness for important causes in our world. Anyone can start their own fundraiser; here’s some tips to consider before starting your own fundraiser on campus!

1. Partner Up!
A great way to increase awareness and participation in your fundraiser is to join forces with another organization on campus. Between clubs, sports teams, and members of the Greek community, there are tons of opportunities to find someone that shares a similar drive. Additionally, more involvement helps generate more innovative ideas and an overall more organized event. Not only does having a co-sponsor help spread awareness and increase the likelihood in the amount of funds raised- but it also serves as an opportunity for new friendships and networking. So spread your passion for a specific interest and introduce your idea to a classmate!

2. #SocialMedia
In our society, social media platforms are one of the most popular forms of communication that allows you to connect with people instantaneously and internationally. Social media is becoming a dominant factor in the world of marketing, and a useful resource for many fundraisers. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are only some of the various channels that people can utilize for promotional marketing. The use of a hashtag allows people to connect with a specific topic by searching for phrases or messages pertaining to their cause. Another effective way to spread the word and invite/remind people to attend your event is through the creation of a Facebook event. Facebook status updates, Instagram posts, and tweeting, you can promote your fundraiser and encourage others to participate during the time preceding your event. Don’t forget to inform your social media community with photos, videos, and updates post-event!

3. Set Up an Event that YOU Would Want to Attend 
When deciding on what type of fundraiser you want to create, think about one that YOU would want to participate in. Different events cater towards different types of people, and there are a whole lot to choose from. Some ideas might include sporting tournaments, talent contests, concerts, run/walks, beer pong tournaments (for those 21+), etc. Some colleges even adopt other campus’ fundraising events; events such as Thon, Derby Days, and Relay for Life, are active nationwide. Fundraising events can also be supplemented with sales for t-shirts, food, and other merchandise items. Another great way to bring even more success and participation to your event is to implement a competitive edge. With an additional incentive to win, students will want to work harder to beat other teams, ultimately raising more money for your cause. Think about the aspects of a fundraiser that attracts your involvement when planning for your own!

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