Case Study: Hance Family Foundation

2019 Legacy of Hope Gala

The Hance Family Foundation was founded after Warren and Jackie Hance lost their three young daughters, Emma, Alyson, and Katie in a car accident, they had a choice to make: to give in to the grief or to create a lasting legacy in honor of their girls. The Hance Family Foundation was created to give back to Floral Park by creating 3 scholarships in honor of their girls. Due to all the support they received, the Foundation became more focused and evolved with the larger mission of empowering women and girls beyond education.


PBP was honored to work with the Hance Family Foundation on their Legacy of Hope Gala in Garden City, NY on October 18th, 2019, as they marked a decade of hope and love. Skincare guru Ole Henriksen was honored with the Self-Esteem Rising Empowerment Award, as his company espouses the same values that the Self-Esteem Rising suite of programs teaches – empowering females and teaching them to activate genuine confidence. Nearly 200 family and friends were in attendance as they looked to expand the reach of this Foundation in honor of Emma, Allyson, and Katie Hance. Darren Port worked his magic during the Foundation’s first-ever live appeal, and $40,000 was raised in just a few minutes. Well over $100,000 was raised during the evening, and momentum was built to carry the Foundation forward into the next decade.

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