Case Study: Oligo Nation

2019 The Oligo Nation Spring Inspiration Event

Oligo Nation brings the Oligodendroglioma community together to mobilize funding medical research for new, more effective treatments. Oligo Nation reached out to PBP to increase annual fundraising, expand their donor base and social media presence, recruit new volunteers and create a Board of Directors. Their annual Spring Inspiration Event celebrates leaders in the brain cancer research space and those battling brain cancer.

Amount Rasied in 2018
Amount Raised in 2019 with PBP

PBP united with Oligo Nation for their Spring Inspiration event this past May, which benefited medical research for Oligodendroglioma brain cancer while celebrating doctors and leaders in the brain cancer research space, those battling brain cancer, and medical breakthroughs. The event, founded by Oligo survivor Jodi Kaye as a DIY fundraiser in 2018, raised $50,000 the first year. With guidance from PBP, the event was able to raise $200,000. Celebrity guests Heather Thomson from the “Real Housewives of New York City,” served as Mistress of Ceremonies and Alasdair Nichol, of “Antiques Roadshow,” as the Live Auctioneer. Oligo Nation was thrilled to honor individuals like John Boockvar, MD, with the Nobility in Science Award for advancing brain tumor research.

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