5 Ways to Fundraise this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to focus on the things in life that are truly important: family, community and giving back. Whether you work for a charity, are involved on a committee, or are just looking for ways to support an important cause, we have compiled our list of ways to making end-of-year fundraising FESTIVE and EASY.


1. AmazonSmile. Amazon has become the leading online marketplace. But did you realize that there was a way to finish your holiday Amazing shopping AND support an important cause? While you’re getting your last-minute holiday gifts (this is also good anytime of the year), make sure you purchase your gifts at https://smile.amazon.com/ . By shopping through AmazonSmile, 0.5% of your purchased price will go to the organization of your choice! You get the all the same items at the same price. All the eligible products will be marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages.

2. Ugly Sweater Party. Capitalize on 2017’s hottest holiday trend by hosting an Ugly Sweater Fundraiser. Encourage guests to pledge $5 and vote on their favorite sweater of the evening. The lucky winner can Split-the-Pot with the house and the remaining balance can support the charity of your choice! Ugly Sweater Parties can also double as a coat or clothing drive. Ask your attendees to wear a festive sweater, while donating one of their old sweaters to those in need.

3. Host a Holiday Bake Sale. When its cold outside (and warm) everyone loves fresh baked goodies! Try a new spin on one of your family’s classic cookie recipes, or try out a new recipe that is all your own!

4. Super Bowl ‘Guess the Score’ Competition. The Super Bowl is right around the corner! Create a ‘Guess the Score’ Grid where co-workers, friends and family can pay to bet on what they think the outcome will be. People can bet on as many score outcomes as they want, but once a score is taken, it cannot be bet on by anyone else. The person who successfully guesses the final score of the game can Split-the-Pot with the house. The remaining balance can be donated to your cause!

5. Winter Olympics Watch Party. The Winter Olympics are almost here and they are the perfect way to bring people together! Host a Winter Olympics watch party at a local bar or your own home. Ask guests to make a suggested donation and make sure to provide lots of Olympic-themed goodies and snack!


We hope that you are able to the use the ideas we listed above to make the most of your fundraising this holiday season!

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