So You’ve Been Approached to be Honored at a Gala

At Powered by Professionals, planning and executing top-tier events is only half the battle. The most important service we can deliver to our clients is meeting and exceeding their fundraising goals for charitable causes; our customized approach has helped some of the nation's leading non-profit organizations exceed their fundraising goals by raising hundreds of millions of dollars.

The best way we help our clients maximize fundraising efforts is by building out the leadership tied to their upcoming fundraising event, specifically by selecting the best honoree for the cause and surrounding that person with an incredible group of Co-Chairs. A charity gala will rely on carefully selected honorees, using their network to bring in a significant amount of revenue for the gala.

If you've been selected as an honoree for a charity event, you likely have been familiar with the organization for some time and have a vested interest in the cause. Even so, being selected as an honoree can seem like a daunting prospect - especially when you're not quite sure what you're signing up for. The good news is that being asked to be an honoree for a gala means you already have a strong network of friends in high places who you can reach out to support the cause by purchasing event tickets, sponsorships, advertisements in the event journal, bidding on auction items, and making donations.

Specific honoree responsibilities vary by event and charity organization, but can be boiled down to a few key points:

      • Offer up your social and professional network to be contacted by the charity for auction solicitation and donation requests. Your peers are often more charitable than you think!
      • Encourage your friends to attend the gala. Their generosity through donations is appreciated, but encouraging attendance is key for them to learn more about the cause and build a personal connection with the organization that keeps them coming back year after year.
      • Sponsor the gala at a leadership level. Your support of the event at a high financial level will encourage others in your network to reach a bit deeper to support you, as they will see you and your company are personally invested in the cause.
      • Identify contacts in your network that can be solicited for larger gifts of $25k or more. The approach for gifts of this magnitude needs to be well thought out and sometimes involve giving that contact a role in the actual event (possibly as one of your Co-Chairs).
      • Review a list of Vendors that you or your company uses that may want to support a cause that is important to you.
      • On the day of the gala, you may be asked to give a speech. Bask in the glory, you've earned it!
      • You will also be asked to provide a bio and head shot to properly introduce you.

Being selected by your peers as a gala honoree is an exciting prospect that gives you the opportunity to throw your weight around to benefit a cause near and dear to your heart. Seize the moment and see the lasting impact you can make on a charity!

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