Sarah Coyne

Look Into the Crystal Ball: Our 2022 Predictions for the Nonprofit Fundraising and Events Industry

With Covid cases rapidly declining after a peak in early January, the vaccine booster campaign well underway, and few legal restrictions impacting on our daily lives (at least in NYC), Powered by Professionals has now turned our attention to unpacking what the lasting impact of the pandemic will have on fundraising, and making some suggestions about what this means for nonprofits as they plan for 2022 and beyond.

So You’ve Been Approached to be Honored at a Gala

At Powered by Professionals, planning and executing top-tier events is only half the battle. The best way we help our clients maximize fundraising efforts is by building out the leadership tied to their upcoming fundraising event, specifically by selecting the best honoree for the cause and surrounding that person with an incredible group of Co-Chairs.

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